Schools programme

We invite learners and teachers to journey to the National Book Week Magic Tent, to experience the wonder of stories and play. Stepping inside the tent, you will meet words and sights that will delight your senses. You will then be whisked away to a fun theatrical production, and get to experience our exciting and popular demo library. To top it all, you will get to meet three different children who are also published authors, and who will share their “publishing journey” with everyone. These child authors will tell us what they write, why they write, and how and when they do this.

The Senior Schools programme means stepping outside the classroom and into a world of possibilities. Here you will encounter the fascinating world of publishing in South Africa. As part of your process of discovery, you will be able to take away meaningful information by means of stimulating and relevant presentations, workshops and seminars. These will include:

  • Careers in the book industry.
  • A creative writing experience entitled “Write yourself into existence”.
  • The amazing artist Loyiso Mkize (of Team Kwezi), who will initiate us into the secrets of writing seriously cool South African graphic novels and comic books.
  • Skills and opportunities in the growing field of animated storytelling.
  • Writing in our indigenous languages.
  • Intergenerational poetry.
  • Meeting with and listening to teen bloggers who will share their adventures in trying out this new way of writing.

Librarians, teachers, parents and other caregivers are also being welcomed with open arms. You will want to join Sarah Godsell as she shares her eye-opening tips on making the reading and studying of set works fun. You are also invited to attend workshops in storytelling techniques. These will assist you in sharing the wonders of storytelling, an age-old tradition that has proved to be a substantial help in developing the attitudes and skills needed for reading books.

Besides these activities, the Fair offers you a vault full of books through its Exhibition space, with a wealth of experts from the publishing industry at the ready to assist with learning- and teaching- support materials. This branch of publishing has benefited, in recent years, from some excellent content development undertaken by South African and other publishers.

Also available, of course, will be numberless books for all ages: for leisure, knowledge, and personal and spiritual development. Moreover, the latest fiction and non-fiction titles will be the usual strong contenders at the Fair.



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