Literary icons and key leaders in South Africa’s history

04/09/2017 / South African Book Fair

What does a life spent writing look like? Feel like? Do authors reflect on their work and see the history of a country, the angst and the joy marked down in chapters, in books that span a lifetime? At the Fair we will ask South African icons to reflect on a life spent writing and what it means to them.
There are so many South African stories still to be told. At the South African Book Fair there will be discussions about leadership and South Africa, and about the influence that various people have had. We will critically examine the presidency of Nelson Mandela and the challenges he faced in leading the first democratic parliament. We will dive deep into Steve Bantu Biko’s philosophy and what it means for our country 40 years after his death. We will converse about one of South Africa’s most prominent business leaders, Harry Oppenheimer, and the role played by individuals like him.
Kopano Matlwa, Sindiwe Magona, Zakes Mda, Achmat Dangor, Deon Meyer, Grace Musila, Nomavenda Mathiane, Fasiha Hassan, Millard Arnold and Victor Dlamini, Achmat Dangor and Mandla Langa, Victoria Collis-Buthelezi,
Kalim Rajab, Verashni Pillay


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